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Progressive articles on major world events and issues

Despite the abundance of information and news available today, public perception is woefully constricted. The media often ignores important perspectives and angles, and creates a one-sided portrayal of the news. Only if we constantly question the motives and basis of decisions and occurrences may we begin to understand the big picture.


That's what this blog intends to do. We aim to enlighten you on sociological, political and legal standpoints. Every article will focus on an important event or concept and draw attention to the opinion of dynamic and open-minded students. To all such scholars - we want to hear what you think.

My name is Thangam Chandy, and I am proud to present, The ParaleGal!


  • All articles falling under any of the following categories will be welcome.


  1. News

  2. Law/Politics

  3. Sociology

  4. ADR

  • Each submission will be carefully reviewed and verified before being posted.

  • Articles must be between 400 and 2,500 words.

  • Strictly no plagiarism. 

  • Anything offensive, lewd or defamatory will not be permitted.

  • All opinions are welcome, but we will only post top-quality content.

Advisory Board


*All members of the Advisory Board are in no way liable or responsible for the activity or proceedings of The They are under no obligation to hire/select interns who are published authors on this site, but will simply see the value of such publication.  




Editor's purpose

As law students we have all done our fair share of internships and witnessed glimpses of our demanding future. The competition out there is cut-throat and every little thing can help you get ahead. 

Recently I decided to begin writing articles on world events from a legal point of view. I'm no expert yet, but I, like many of you, have very strong opinions and I enjoy voicing them. 

When it was time to publish and share these articles however, I realised two things. The first was that high profile papers, magazines and journals are very rarely willing to accept articles from students. And second,   smaller blogs have such a long process of review that by the time articles are ready to be published, the subject matter has turned stale. 

It was then that I realised that we need a platform for student authors. We as paralegals may not be professionals yet but we have some insights that nobody else can offer. There are many of us who are equally good at articulating these thoughts, but just don't have the right forum to do so. 

At The ParaleGal we will publish the best articles while they are still relevant. It is a sure-fire way to put your work out there for the world to see. 

I saw a need and this blog is my way of filling it. I look forward to developing my writing skills through this blog alongside each and every one of you. When the day comes that we are qualified professionals, we will be better prepared and have our work to show for it. 

- The ParaleGal

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